The investigation of natural mysteries with a biological emphasis.

BioFortean Notes

Free downloadable PDFs

BioFortean Notes is now available as a free downloadable PDF (links below). Future issues will be PDF only.

Issues available for download include:

Volume 1 (2011) [Download PDF]
  • Putting the “ology” into Cryptozoology (Charles Paxton)
  • American Ibex Folklore (Chad Arment)
  • The Popcorn Fish (Chad Arment)
  • The Hungarian Reed Wolf (Canis spp.) (Tomasz Pietrzak and Miklós Heltai)
  • Freshwater Seals in Alaska and Canada (Chad Arment)
  • A Bipedal Reptile in Nevada (Chad Arment)
Volume 2 (2011) [Download PDF]
  • The Broad River Sea Serpent (John Hairr)
  • Probing the 1896 St. Augustine Carcass (Nelson Jecas and Renee Fratpietro)
  • Irish Snakes, Wild Cats and Other Mystery Animals (Richard Muirhead)
  • Sonoran Sasquatch? (Alton Higgins)
  • The Historical Bigfoot: A Supplement (Chad Arment)
Volume 3 (2013) [Download PDF]
  • Mystery Shark off the Florida Coast (John Hairr)
  • Trinity River Baboons (Chad Arment)
  • The “Freak” Caribou (Chad Arment)
  • Unexpected Tortoises and Turtles of the World (Richard Muirhead)
  • Creature Stories from the Fife Folklore Archives (Chad Arment)
  • Book Review: Snarls from the Tea-Tree (Chad Arment)
  • The Antiquity of the Lion in Greece (A. B. Meyer, reprint)
  • Dermoid Cysts a Basis of Indian Legends (A. W. F. Banfield, reprint)
  • The “Great Fish” in Ancient and Medieval Story (Cornelia Catlin Coulter, reprint)

Volume 4 (2015) [Download PDF]
  • Bipes Rumors in the Western United States (Chad Arment)
  • Cryptofiction: A Renaissance (Matt Bille)
  • Miniature Horses of the Grand Canyon: Postcards for a Folkloric Animal (Chad Arment)
  • Polish Explorations across Asian Borders (Tomasz Pietrzak)
  • Notes on the Introduction of the Frog to Ireland (Richard Muirhead)
  • Seeking New Turtles in North America (Chad Arment)
  • Exorcising the Phantom Kangaroo (Chad Arment)
  • BioFortean Miscellany (Chad Arment)

Volume 5 (2016) [Download PDF]
  • Rare Whale First Discovered along the Carolina Coast a Century Ago (John Hairr)
  • A Honduran Mystery Animal (Chad Arment and Matthew Speights)
  • Developing a Potential Discovery Path within Cryptozoology (Chad Arment)
  • North American Giant Crayfish Tales (Chad Arment)
  • The Boss Snake of Murphy’s Pond (Tony Gerard)
  • Brief Notes (Chad Arment, Richard Muirhead)

Volume 6 (2018) [Download PDF]

A Mystery Dragonfly (Chad Arment)

Profiles in Cryptozoology: Commander Attilio Gatti (Chad Arment)

The Lumpy, Skinny-Necked Dino-Bird (J. Ericson-Flatland)

Freshwater Seahorses (Chad Arment)

In Search of Tł’iish Naat’Agii (Snake-That-Flies) (Nick Sucik)

Book Reviews (Simon Townsend, Chad Arment, C. A. McCormick)

The Ngoloko (J. A. G. Elliott, reprint)

Volume 7 (2020) [Download PDF]

Notes on the Jhoor of Gir (Tony Gerard)

Evidence of Red Wolves in the Ouachita Mountains (Brandon Lentz)

Notes on Intergeneric Hybridization in Snakes (Chad Arment)

Jabba the Hut: An Undescribed Cyrtarachne Spider Species from the Philippines? (Tony Gerard)

Facial Displays: A Spider Gallery (Chad Arment)

Panther Hunt: When a Black Panther is Killed (Chad Arment)

The Smokey Cat of India (Tony Gerard)

Book Reviews (Chad Arment)

Volume 8 (2023) [Download PDF]

BioFortean Bioluminescence (Chad Arment)

A Survey of West Coast 'Sea Serpent' Folklore (Chad Arment)

BioFortean Miscellany (Chad Arment)

The Kongamato (Frank H. Melland, reprint)