The investigation of natural mysteries with a biological emphasis.

BioFortean Notes

Free downloadable PDFs

BioFortean Notes is now available as a free downloadable PDF (links below). Future issues will be PDF only, and will be first sent to subscribers who sign up for the Coachwhip Books mailing list before being added here.

Issues available for download include:

Volume 1 (2011) [Download PDF]
  • Putting the “ology” into Cryptozoology (Charles Paxton)
  • American Ibex Folklore (Chad Arment)
  • The Popcorn Fish (Chad Arment)
  • The Hungarian Reed Wolf (Canis spp.) (Tomasz Pietrzak and Miklós Heltai)
  • Freshwater Seals in Alaska and Canada (Chad Arment)
  • A Bipedal Reptile in Nevada (Chad Arment)
Volume 2 (2011) [Download PDF]
  • The Broad River Sea Serpent (John Hairr)
  • Probing the 1896 St. Augustine Carcass (Nelson Jecas and Renee Fratpietro)
  • Irish Snakes, Wild Cats and Other Mystery Animals (Richard Muirhead)
  • Sonoran Sasquatch? (Alton Higgins)
  • The Historical Bigfoot: A Supplement (Chad Arment)
Volume 3 (2013) [Download PDF]
  • Mystery Shark off the Florida Coast (John Hairr)
  • Trinity River Baboons (Chad Arment)
  • The “Freak” Caribou (Chad Arment)
  • Unexpected Tortoises and Turtles of the World (Richard Muirhead)
  • Creature Stories from the Fife Folklore Archives (Chad Arment)
  • Book Review: Snarls from the Tea-Tree (Chad Arment)
  • The Antiquity of the Lion in Greece (A. B. Meyer, reprint)
  • Dermoid Cysts a Basis of Indian Legends (A. W. F. Banfield, reprint)
  • The “Great Fish” in Ancient and Medieval Story (Cornelia Catlin Coulter, reprint)

Volume 4 (2015) [Download PDF]
  • Bipes Rumors in the Western United States (Chad Arment)
  • Cryptofiction: A Renaissance (Matt Bille)
  • Miniature Horses of the Grand Canyon: Postcards for a Folkloric Animal (Chad Arment)
  • Polish Explorations across Asian Borders (Tomasz Pietrzak)
  • Notes on the Introduction of the Frog to Ireland (Richard Muirhead)
  • Seeking New Turtles in North America (Chad Arment)
  • Exorcising the Phantom Kangaroo (Chad Arment)
  • BioFortean Miscellany (Chad Arment)

Volume 5 (2016) [Download PDF]
  • Rare Whale First Discovered along the Carolina Coast a Century Ago (John Hairr)
  • A Honduran Mystery Animal (Chad Arment and Matthew Speights)
  • Developing a Potential Discovery Path within Cryptozoology (Chad Arment)
  • North American Giant Crayfish Tales (Chad Arment)
  • The Boss Snake of Murphy’s Pond (Tony Gerard)
  • Brief Notes (Chad Arment, Richard Muirhead)

Volume 6 (2018) [Download PDF]

A Mystery Dragonfly (Chad Arment)

Profiles in Cryptozoology: Commander Attilio Gatti (Chad Arment)

The Lumpy, Skinny-Necked Dino-Bird (J. Ericson-Flatland)

Freshwater Seahorses (Chad Arment)

In Search of Tł’iish Naat’Agii (Snake-That-Flies) (Nick Sucik)

Book Reviews (Simon Townsend, Chad Arment, C. A. McCormick)

The Ngoloko (J. A. G. Elliott, reprint)

Volume 7 (2020) [Download PDF]

Notes on the Jhoor of Gir (Tony Gerard)

Evidence of Red Wolves in the Ouachita Mountains (Brandon Lentz)

Notes on Intergeneric Hybridization in Snakes (Chad Arment)

Jabba the Hut: An Undescribed Cyrtarachne Spider Species from the Philippines? (Tony Gerard)

Facial Displays: A Spider Gallery (Chad Arment)

Panther Hunt: When a Black Panther is Killed (Chad Arment)

The Smokey Cat of India (Tony Gerard)

Book Reviews (Chad Arment)