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Writing Up Your Report

Once you have investigated a sighting, let others know about it. This is beneficial in several ways. First, it alerts other investigators to watch for similar reports. Second, it lets others know that you are remaining active, and they may send you pertinent information. Third, in an organized format, it allows investigators to compare it with their own reports. This latter point is especially important in scientific circles. That's the whole point of journals such as Science and Nature. When information is presented openly, it can be subjected to the poking and prodding that is necessary in the search for accurate and useful data.

Most Fortean magazines and newsletters accept new reports, so you shouldn't find it difficult to publish your information. If you find writing difficult, just remember to be succinct, but informative. Give as many details as possible, while maintaining witness confidentiality. Point out any special remarks by witnesses, compare the present sighting to past reports, and bring up unusual aspects that warrant futher investigation. Before sending in your article, send a SASE to the editor of the magazine for a copy of their "Writer's Guidelines."

You may find that writing up your reports is an enjoyable task. Even if you don't discover a new species, you'll have a tangible outcome of your effort that will benefit other investigators.

[2008: For those who would like to have their reports considered for inclusion in this site's BioFortean Review, please email Chad Arment.]