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The Reference Library

Every investigator should have a library. Never overlook the potential benefits of a good reference book. They help in finding common denominators in mystery animal sightings. After reading through past case studies, you will see patterns develop, behavioral traits emerge, and "hot spots" (areas with extraordinary quantities of sightings) appear.

Reading through the literature will give you a good sense of the history behind your investigations. You can learn new techniques, discover new areas to explore, and ponder the various theories about these creatures. Join at least one organization. It will allow you to keep up with the latest developments in the field.

Most of the references listed here are general (and a bit heavy on bigfoot). There are many others that deal with specific issues. Besides collecting books and articles on cryptozoology, study the "normal" natural world. To study cryptids, you must first know the recognized species and their behavioral traits. You may also find that natural history is as fascinating as the "mysterious." (Two good author/naturalists are Gerald Durrell and the late Ivan T. Sanderson.) My other hobby is herpetoculture, the study and care of reptiles and amphibians, and I'm always thrilled when I can combine the two with accounts of giant snakes and monstrous salamanders, regardless of whether I believe they exist .


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