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Marketing Cryptozoology Books

There are several methods for marketing CZ books:

  • Personal marketing
  • Community marketing
  • Reviews
  • External markets

Certainly, you should start with the minimum of a simple website for the book, or at least a page on it if you already have a site dedicated to cryptozoology. Inexpensive hosting services by GoDaddy and others allow you to quickly put up information about the book (description, contents, excerpts, cover image, etc.). How much you want to put up about yourself is up to you; some authors prefer to focus on the books, others essentially "brand" themselves to create more impetus for their audience to pick up further books. As an author, too, don't forget to take advantage of's various marketing programs on their own site. They are offering a number of opportunities for authors to communicate with readers.

Community marketing is that marketing which focuses on those already interested in cryptozoology: the primary audience for non-fiction cryptozoology books. (Cryptofiction is a bit different, as the community can also incorporate science fiction readers in general.) Communication with this audience can take place online (blogs, forums, email discussion lists), through society newsletters, topical magazines, and in person (at cryptozoology conferences and other events). Whether through advertising, writing articles, speaking, or however, you are sparking interest in your subject of interest, and hopefully people will find it interesting enough to check out your work. Sending out a "press release" to various site-owners and list-owners is simple enough with email now.

Typically, review copies should be obtained as soon as possible to send out to cryptozoology publications. Unfortunately, the number of publications that review such books is steadily dwindling. I typically send books at least to the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club for their newsletter, and Fortean Times. There are a few other magazines of a paranormal bent that review CZ material. Strange Magazine and may or may not still accept review copies. Depending on the subject, you may find other markets outside cryptozoology that might consider reviewing the book. The "big" review publications typically don't review POD books, or most other self-published books, so you'll have to look for specialized reviewers.

It might be worth a shot (no guarantee) to advertise your book in other markets, depending on the subject. I'd be interested in knowing, for example, whether advertising a Bigfoot book in a hunting/fishing/outdoors publication garners any interest. Think of possible related topics and check to see if there are magazines in that field; some might be interested in a review copy.