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Old-Time Radio: Cryptozoology and Cryptofiction

I've run across a few OTR programs that are relevant regarding the cultural impact cryptozoology has had. Most of these are fictional stories (and some are more biofortean than cryptozoological), but as I find them, I'll try to include non-fictional accounts and interviews. (Thanks to Bufo Calvin, also, for pointing out titles.)

Radio Nostalgia
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Clyde Beatty: Oklahoma Hoax (mp3)
Clyde Beatty: In Search of a Myth (mp3)
Blue Beetle: The Sea Serpent (mp3)
Lights Out: The Spider (mp3)
World Adventurers Club: Hairy Wild Man (mp3)
Escape: The Abominable Snowman (mp3)
Incredible, But True: Abominable Snowman (mp3)
Incredible, But True: The One That Got Away (mp3)
Incredible, But True: Death of a Monster (mp3)
Fibber McGee & Molly: The Passenger Pigeon Trap (mp3) Cryptozoology and more

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