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The Black Panther of the Navaho
Warren H. Miller

This text is in the Boys' Adventure genre, very popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This is one of the first fictional references to a "black panther" in North America, but as of yet there are few indications where the author may have come up with the idea, or where he may have heard similar stories.

Chapter 1: The Wonderland of the Southwest

Chapter 2: Across the Painted Desert

Chapter 3: The Valley of the Cliff Dwellers

Chapter 4: Lost Canyon

Chapter 5: The Claws Of The Black Panther

Chapter 6: Ruler Takes a Hand

Chapter 7: The Fire Dance of the Navaho

Chapter 8: Silent Pines and Yellow Crags

Chapter 9: Kaibab Grizzly

Chapter 10: The Desert's Frown

Chapter 11: White Mesa

Chapter 12: The Last Stand of the Black Panther

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Note: this book does contain racial stereotypes, so may not be appropriate for young readers.