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Cryptid Guide

North American Cryptids

Primate: Bigfoot, Sasquatch
Reported from throughout the United States and Canada.
Heuvelmans 1986

Primate: Anthropoid ape-like animal
Reported from North American swamps and bottomland hollows.
Heuvelmans 1986; Coleman 1983

Primate-like: "Stone Giant"
Reported sporadically from eastern U.S.
Arment 2004

Primate-like: Dover "demon"
Reported from Dover, Massachusetts
Coleman 1983

Primate-like: "Devil Monkey"
Reported sporadically from eastern U.S.; Virginia

Primate-like: Aquatic ape-like animal
Reported off eastern Maritime provinces, Canada; Great Lakes
Arment 2004

Bear: MacFarlane's Bear
Reported from the Anderson River region, Northwest Territories, Canada
Heuvelmans 1986, Shuker 1997

Bear-like animal
"Looked like a hedgehog with the head and feet of a bear"
Reported in California by "Grizzly" Adams
Bille 1995b

Feline: Eastern Cougar
Reported throughout the eastern United States and Canada
Coleman 1983

Feline: Maned "Lions"
Reported sporadically throughout the United States and Canada
Heuvelmans 1986; Coleman 1983

Feline: Black Panther
Reported throughout the United States
Coleman 1983

Feline: Cheetah-like animal
Red head, red dorsal stripe, red tail, golden brown body with black stripes and spots
Compare to "Siemel's mystery cat" (Shuker 1989)
Reported from Tennessee
Shuker 1998

Feline: Brindle mystery cat
Reported from Kentucky
Shuker 1989

Feline: North Carolina mystery cat (Santer)
Reported in North Carolina
Shuker 1989

Feline: Long-tailed "wild cat"
Reported from eastern U.S.; may be hybrids or ferals
NABR #3 (Felis Catus in Pennsylvania?)

Waheela - Great white wolf?
Reported from northern Alaska and Northwest Territories, Canada
Shuker 1995b

Canine-like animal
Reported from Illinois
Coleman 1994

Hyena-like animal
Reported from Idaho
Coleman 1996

Dwarf Seal
Reported from Willerstedt Lake, Canadian Arctic Islands
Arment 2004

Reported having survived until the 18th century in Alaska
Heuvelmans 1986; Shuker 1995b

Clawed Goat
Reported from Fredericksburg, TX, area
Shuker 1997

Bird: Thunderbirds, large flying birds of prey
Reported in the Midwest, Pennsylvania, and the southern United States
Heuvelmans 1986; Hall 1988

Bird: Giant owl-like bird
Reported from Ozarks and West Virginia
Hall 1988

Bird: Passenger pigeons, surviving remnants
Reported rarely: Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey
Shuker 1991

Bird: Carolina parakeet, surviving remnants
Reported from South Carolina
Shuker 1991

Bird: Ivorybill woodpecker, surviving remnants
Recent evidence, but controversial, Science 2005

Lake Monster: Long-necked "sea serpents."
Reported from Canada and the U.S.
Heuvelmans 1986

Lake Monster: Snake-like animal
Reported from the Great Lakes

Pink river monster
Reported from St. Johns River, FL
Hall 1992a

Marine "Platypus"
Reported off Alaskan coast
NABR #3 (BioFortean Notes)

Sea Serpent: Snake-like animal
Reported from the Chesapeake Bay

Snake: Giant snakes of undetermined species
Reported sporadically throughout the United States
Hall 1995; Coleman 1983

Snake: Giant snake
Reported from Broad Top region, PA
Arment 2004

Snake: Giant snake
Reported from Everglades region, FL
Arment 2004

Snake: Giant rattlesnakes
Reported sporadically in the southern United States

Snake: Small horned viper
Reported from New Mexico

Giant salamanders
Reported from the Trinity Alps, Pacific Northwest, and British Columbia
Coleman 1989; notes from BCSCC

Giant pink salamanders
Reported from south-central Ohio, South Carolina, New Jersey
Hall 1991; Hall 1992b

Giant Lizard
Reported from Trimble County, KY, and Ohio
Hall 1991; Anon. 1978; NABR

Giant Lizard
Reported from near Merrifield, Virginia
Mitchell 1994

Horned Lizards, Black "Alligators"
Reported from British Columbia
Shuker 1997; NABR #1

Tusked Lizard, "Gowrow"
Reported from Arkansas (probably mythical)
Shuker 1997

Dinosaur-like animal: "Mountain Boomer"
Bipedal, 5-6 foot tall lizard
Reported in West Texas (probably mythical)
Ward 1993

Pterosaur-like animals
Reported from Arizona, Texas, other states
Shuker 1995b; Childress 1994; see NABR

Flying "Snake"
Recent reports from Arizona, but sporadic historical reports other states
Arment 2006

Giant Fish of Illiamna
Reported from Lake Illiamna, Alaska
Coleman 1989

Large invertebrate: tentacled animal, freshwater octopi
Reported from Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia
Hall 1991; see NABR

Giant Crustaceans
Folklore from Oregon

Small venomous "crabs" or underwater "flies"
Folklore from British Columbia

Extraordinarily-sized centipedes (up to 18 inches)
Ozark folklore

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