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Cryptid Guide

European Cryptids

Primate: Wild Men
Reported in different countries until the 18th century
Heuvelmans 1986

Wolf-like animals
Reported sporadically from France, Switzerland, and Italy
Heuvelmans 1986

Canine: Hungarian reedwolf
Possibly small wolf, or large jackal. Specimens in museums.
Reported from Hungary and eastern Austria; possibly extinct.
Shuker 1998d

Feline: Panthers, lynxes, etc.
Reported from the U.K. sporadically
Heuvelmans 1986; Shuker 1989

Feline: Wild Cat
Reported from Ireland
Shuker 1989

Feline: Wild cat
Reported from the Mediterranean Ile du Levant off the coast of France
Heuvelmans 1986; Shuker 1989

Mustelid-like: Dobhar-chú (King Otter)
Reported from Ireland
Shuker 1998d

Dwarf Seal
Historically reported from the Hebrides
Arment 2004

Lake Monster: "Long-necked Sea-lion"
Reported from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland
Heuvelmans 1986

Reptile/Amphibian: Tatzelwurm
Reported from Swiss, Bavarian, and Austrian Alps
Heuvelmans 1986

Lizard: Cenaprugwirion
Reported from around Abersoch, North Wales
Shuker has proposed possible introduced population of tuataras
Shuker 1997

Snakes: Winged serpents
Reported from Wales, Bulgaria, and France
Shuker 1997; Shuker 1996

Snakes: Large Snakes (9-13 feet)
Reported from Mediterranean provinces of France, Italy, and Greece
Heuvelmans 1986

Cryptozoology: Science and Speculation

Great Sea-Serpent

Sea Monsters Unmasked