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The BioFortean Review is intended as an online rapid-publication venue for cryptozoological and biofortean articles, reviews, and discussion.

Current Articles:

Albino Ringtails
Chad Arment

An Additional Account of Luminous Spiders
Chad Arment

An Out-of-Place Dogfish in the Ohio River
Tony Gerard

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Current Reviews:

Bird From Hell and Other Mega Fauna, by Gerald McIsaac
Reviewed by Chad Arment, December 3, 2010

Moa Sightings, by Bruce Spittle
Reviewed by Chad Arment, July 28, 2010

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Historical Notes and Reprints:

An Ohio What-Is-It (1899: from Recreation, letter to the editor)

The Dingonek (1910: from In Closed Territory, Edgar Beecher Bronson)

The Taniwha and other Maori Folkloric Creatures (1924: from The Maori, Elsdon Best)

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