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The BioFortean PDF Archive is intended as an online repository for mainstream journal articles relating to cryptozoology and bioforteana. These PDFs are printable.

Historical Articles:

Facts and Observations Showing the Existence of Large Animals in the Ocean, Different in their Shapes and Manners From Whales, and Frequently Exceeding Whales in Magnitude. The Medical Repository (1813) (8.7 Mb)

Additional Proof in Favor of the Existence of Huge Animals, Different from Whales and Larger than They. The Medical Repository (1814)

A Giant Story, The American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal (1891)

Elephants in America, The American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal (1887)

Mermaids and Mermen, The English Illustrated Magazine (1900/1901)

New Light on the Cahow, Pterodroma cahow, The Auk (1951)

On the Name of the Northern Bald Eagle and the Identity of Audubon's Gigantic "Bird of Washington," The Wilson Bulletin (1953)

A Remarkable Case of External Hind Limbs in a Humpback Whale, American Museum Novitates (1921)

A Last Remnant of Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers in Cuba, The Auk (1948)

Report of Giant Salamander in California, Copeia (1962)

Asiatic Giant Salamander Caught in the Sacramento River, and an Exotic Skink near San Francisco, Copeia (1951)

Mammoth or "Stiff-Legged Bear," American Anthropologist (1937)

An Indian Tradition Relating to the Mastodon, American Anthropologist (1944)

Captive Pigmy Elephants in America, Journal of Mammalogy (1934)

First New Guinea Record of Thylacinus, Journal of Mammalogy (1963)

It's the "Fearsome Warracaba Tiger," Animal Kingdom (1954)

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